The Monstrous Game of Throw & Catch!
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Here you can read some of the comments and feedback we have received about funslinger.

“Astonished at the distances!”

The Davis family (including the dog, Sherlock) very much enjoy this innovative, fun game. We are all astonished at the distances that can be achieved!

Warwick Davis / Holme – Sept. 2017

“We think its absolutely great!”

We bought the funslinger from you at Clumber Park while we were on holiday and I just wanted to give you some feedback. We think it is absolutely GREAT!.

We have had such fun with it and our 7 year old grandson also found it easy to use and thoroughly enjoyed it. People we met wanted to know about it when they saw us playing and we passed on the details.

This is truly a fantastic game and one of the best I have ever bought for outdoor fun.

Mrs. M. Bond / Notts – Oct. 2018

“Brilliant! I could play this all day!”

Josh / Sheffield – Sept. 2019

“Great beach game – cool as you like!”

Jack / Bradford – Aug. 2019

“Whistling missile flies a treat!”

Andy / London – Jul. 2020

“It really is a laugh a minute!”

Chris / Bristol – Jun. 2021