The Monstrous Game of Throw & Catch!

Funslinger has been specifically designed to launch its own missile. However, as an alternative in
restricted spaces, particularly indoors, a soft foam ball/tennis ball may be used instead. Funslinger is so new and unique that there are no hard and fast rules relating to group games. Consequently, the following games and competitions are suggestions only and the rules listed are an outline. There are endless possibilities. Please feel free to amend or invent your own rules to suit. Any comments and feedback would be much appreciated and your suggestions may be selected to become the authorised version of the Funslinger Games package.


Two players, or for ”Mr. Popular”, the more the merrier.

No rules here! Create your own kind of chaos using lots of missiles.


See how accurately you can throw!

Set up a target, e.g. mark out a bulls-eye on the beach, or select your favourite bather and with your spare funslinger ask them for a date.


Even “Bill No Mates” can play!

Leaning back when throwing will generate more height than distance, offering the opportunity to catch your own thrown missile! Good luck.


Lost your missile with a crazy throw?

Whilst shops are closed, use a tennis or soft foam ball. Works great in restricted areas. Try SPOT against the wall.


Two or more players.

Invent your own point scoring system for successful throws and/or catches e.g. 10 points for a clean catch and 5 points for catching after a bounce. Lose 5 points for a bad throw and no score for a missed catch. First to 50 wins!

Distance/Height Record

See how far/high you can throw!

This is an all weather game, gale force winds are there to help! Visit our Facebook page and let us know your personal best, enter your name on the funSLINGER leader board or, better still, film it and post a link!

Throw & Catch Record

An exciting race: Too fast and you’ll drop it. Too slow and you’re out of time

In pairs, commencing at the same time, players must successfully complete a number of consecutive throws and catches over a minimum distance of 30 metres. The first pair to complete the task wins. (The number of completed throws should be adjusted according to ability.) Any pair dropping a catch must start afresh.


Survival of the fittest

2 teams of equal number, each with a Funslinger and missile, are positioned in opposing marked zones. As a guide, a team of 6 players would require a zone measuring 10 x 10 metres. The zones should be approximately 30 metres apart.

Team A all throw a missile each, with the intention of landing it in the opponents zone. Any player missing the zone is eliminated. Team B players must each catch a missile if it is on target. If any team B player drops such a missile they are eliminated. Surviving team B players are now: those who have caught a missile (whether inside or outside the zone) and those players who have allowed a missile to fall untouched outside the zone.

The remaining players of team B, all throw one missile back to team A’s zone. All remaining players of team A must catch a missile if it is on target. If a player does not make a catch and there are any fallen missiles in their zone, then they are eliminated. At the beginning of each round of throws all remaining players must throw a missile. Any players in the opposition zone must make at least one catch to stay in the game unless all missiles miss the target. The winning team must eliminate all the opposition.

Team players throwing at the same time add to the fun! Sudden death eliminations could be extended by adding “lives”.

Funslinger Pitch

Fantastic game of strategy and skill.

Played on a football or similar pitch, 2 teams of equal number each have a Funslinger. There is only one missile in play and the aim is to score goals against the opposing team. The team in possession consists of outfield players. At all times the defending team must have 2 goal keepers who do not leave the penalty area.

Play starts at the beginning and after each goal scored, with the goalkeeper. He/she, from a standing position, throws to a team mate in open play. Players with the missile may not move, other than to steady themselves after catching. They then throw to team mates to secure an optimum position to have a shot at goal.

Opposing players may not crowd a thrower, but may intercept catches, to gain possession, and only a minimum of contact with opposing catchers is allowed. Players must shoot for goal from outside the penalty area. Whenever a missile is dropped, the opposing team takes possession from where the missile landed.

Indoor Funslinger Pitch

Laugh a minute out of the rain.

As Funslinger Pitch above, but played indoors using a tennis or other soft ball, rather than a missile. The tennis ball is heavier than the missile and does not fly as far, but has the advantage of a more predictable bounce, which can be utilised.